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Mannitol Injection
Indication: (1) its a kind of dehydration 
solution indicated for therapy 
of cerebral edema caused by 
various reasons and also used 
to reduce intracranial pressure 
and prevent cerebral hernia. 
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Product introduction
Indications: (1) it’s a kind of dehydration solution indicated for therapy of cerebral edema caused by various reasons and also used to reduce intracranial pressure and prevent cerebral hernia. (2) To reduce intraocular pressure. (3) It’s a kind of osmotic diuretics indicated for identification of oliguria caused by prerenal reasons or acute renal failure. And also used for prevention of acute tubular necrosis caused by various reasons. (4) As a kind of supplementary method for diuresis to treat the diseases of Nephrotic syndrome and ascites due to cirrhosis, especially when accompanied by hypoproteinemia. (5) When overdose use of certain drugs or toxic poisoning, the drug can promote the excretion of these substances and to prevent renal toxicity. Etc…