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Triamcinolone Tablets
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Indication: (1) systemic dermatitis glandularis 
erythematosa and other connective 
tissue disease...... 
Usage volume:
Product specifications: 12 tablets/ plate, 2 plates/kit;
 60 tablets/bottle

Triamcinolone Tablets Instruction
Carefully read the instruction and use advised by pharmacist

[Drug Name]
General Name: Triamcinolone Tablets
Brand name: a’saisong
English Name: Triamcinolone Tablets
Chinese Phonetic Qu’anxilong Pian
[Chemical name]
[Chemical structure]

Formula:   C21H27FO6
Molecular weight: 394.44
white tablets
[Actions and Indications]:
To use its strong Immunorepressive potencies to cure various abnormal reaction inflammatory, and self-immune inflammatory malady. Its effect is the same with prednisone acetae, so its indications are the same, mainly including:
(1) systemic dermatitis glandularis erythematosa and other connective tissue disease.
(2) adrenal complicated disease and other immune kidney disease
(3) acute purpura haemorrhagica and immune disease
(4) other disease that prednisone acetate applies.
[side effects] analogous to other glucorticosteroids
(1) gastrointestinal tract reaction: feel not comfortable on top and middle of abdominal part, abdominal distention, anorexy, sicchasia, few patients will indicate symptom of gastric and duodenal ulcers, some seriously blooding and perforation.
(2) endocrine secretion and secretion disorder, long term use may endocrine unusual(steroids diabetes, menstrual disorder and  growth inhibition), dielectric disturbance, para Chshing’s syndrome, unusual distribution of pelage, moon-shaped face, buffalo hump, cutis purple striae, muscular atrophy, HBP, hypokalemic alkalosis, bone rarefaction, amyasthenia. 
(3) unusual of pneuma: exciting, sleepless, light depression, drowsiness; few may have the symptom of pain on head, encephalic compressive stress, convulsion and mental subnormality.
(4) ophthalmology complication: cataracta, glaucoma etc.
(1) not advised to bacterial or visual infections.
(2) Not advised to allergic patients. 
(1) patients will be more infected, for Triamcinolone Tablets can inhibit immune system.
(2) patients with following symptom should take with caution: cardiac disease, acute cardiac failure, diabetes, diverticulitis, emotion instable, or with psychosis prone, glaucedo, liver function failure, ocular herpes catarrhalis, hign fat proteinemia, HBP, reduced function of thyroid gland, , myasthenia gravis, osteoporosis, gastric ulcer, gastritis or oesophagitis; adrenal failure orcalculus,  bacillary phthisis, prothrombinopenia.
(3) It is not advised to be use on Pregnant women or lactating woman.
(4) for children, long term use can cause inhibition to growth, please handle with caution.
(5) periodically test blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, urine glucose, electrolyte of blood-serum, fecal occult blood and ocular check.
(6) long term and large dosage use patients should check articulatio coxae.
(7) anti-bacterial drugs should be used when infected ones can not be excluded.
(8) check inhibition condition on hypothalamo-pituitary –adrenocortical axis of long term large dosage taker before stop. 
[Use in pregnancy and lactation]
It is not advised to be used. 
[Use in children]
It can not be used on children, or only used in a short term treatment.
[Use in the elder ]
It is not advised to be used. 
[Interaction with other drugs]
No information is available.
No information is available.
[Pharmacology and toxicology]
It is a member of glucorticosteroids.
(1) effects on immune organs: it may cause weight loss and  diminution of  thoracic gland, absorbent gland and spleen, thus cause abrupt reduction     of periph blood and achroacyte cell in bone marrow.
(2) affection on distribution of achroacyte cell: after use of hydrocortisone, T cell of rat transfers to bone marrow. Redistribution of achroacyte cell appears in clinic after use of the drug, reduced mononuclear macrophage turns in exudant of inflammation, and the main reason is that glucorticosteroid inhibit its transformation but not cell dissolution.
(3) function on cell immunity: glucorticosteroids can increase T achroacyte cell’s inhibition on generation function of mitogen ConA, pha and antigen. at the same time, it can also inhibit mixed achroacyte cell reaction. Glucorticosteroids inhibit activation of Tc cell, and inhibit its cytotoxic.
(4) immunity on body fluid: there is obvious inhibition function on formation of antibody of sensitive animal but glucorticosteorids have no average function on human, it has a serious inhibition on IgG and IgM then IgM. It is reported that the blood serum IgE is improved when bronchial asthma patients stop use triamcinolone tablets.
(5) function on macrophage: macrophage is sensitive to glucorticosteroids, concentration used to inhibit macrophage is only 1/30 of that needed by heterophil granulocyte, and reduce sterilization ability of macrophage. Generation of Cell factor (such as interleukin) and plasminogen reactivator by monocyte can be inhibited by corticosteroids.  
(6) anti-inflammatory: strong anti-inflammatory of glucorticosteroids may be combination of many factors.
(1) to inhibit metabolism of peanut tetraene and produce prostaglandin and to inhibit synthesis of leukotriene.   
(2) accelerate angiotasis, and blood capillary permeability
(3) to inhibit accumulation of carrier cell on inflammatory location, and inhibit its handling ability on antigen and generate IL-1.
(4)disturb activation of complimentary component, to reduce generation of mediators of inflammation. (5) stabilize lysosomal membrane, to avoid release of lysosomal enzyme.
(6) inhibit  generation and secretion of collagenoblast, to delay generation of granulation tissue and intention of wounds.  
    Ingestion rate of glucorticosteroids taken by oral is in direct ratio with liposolubility, but injection injestion rate is in direct ratio with water solubility. Over 90% of glucorticosteroids have no bioactivity after combined with plasma protein, only 10% have bioactivity. It has no distribution selectivity in body., concentration on inflammatory locations may be higher than other organs for increased blood flow and blood vessel permeability. Glucorticosteroid mainly inactivate in liver, achroacyte also have the ability to oxidate or reduce ability to glucorticosteroids. It is proved in recent years that B cell metabolism ability to glucorticosteroid is greater than T cell, this can explain that B cell is more bearing than T cell. Cortisone change into cortisol and generate activation, dexamethasone has activation itself. Demiperiod of clinical glucorticosteroids varies. Glucorticosteroids excrete from adrenal and suspended cortisone in urina is less than 2%, over 90% is inactivated, it indicates that when adrenal failure turns there is no increase of active hormone in plasma.     
Protected from light, store in airtight container.
12 tablets/ plate, 2 plates/kit;  60 tablets/bottle
[Shelf life]
36 months
[Execution Standard]
[Approval No.]
Guo Yao Zhun Zi H10960056
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Manufacturer: Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
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