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Dexamethasone acetate Tablets

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Indication: Use in hypersusceptible and self-immune inflammatory malady......
Usage volume: Oral for adult, the initial dosage is 1~4 tablets(0.75~3.00mg) once......
Product specifications: 0.75mg

Product introduction

[Drug Name]
Dexamethasone acetate Tablets
[Active Ingredient]
Dexamethasone acetate
[Chemical name]
16-methyl-11β, 17α, 21-trihydroxy-9α-fluoropregna-1,4diene-3,20-dione 21-acetate
[Chemical structure]

Formula:               C24H31FO6
Molecular weight: 434.50
Circular, white tablets
[Pharmacology and toxicology]
It is a member of corticoid drugs. It has better anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-shock potencies than Prednisone; the light potency to keep sodium and water retention and the excretion of potassium, and the strong inhibition to pituitary-adrenal gland.
1.Anti-inflammatory action: it can relieve and prevent from the reaction between tissue and the inflammation, thereby relieving the inflammation. The hormone can inhibit inflammatory cells, phagocytosis and other media’s synthesis and releasing.
2.Immunorepressive action: To prevent or inhibit the immunereaction of cells, and delayed allergic reaction; to decrease the number of T lymphocyte, monochromatic cell, and acidophile; to reduce the combining ability of immune globulins with cell surface, and inhibit the synthesis and releasing of interleukin(IL), thereby decreasing Tlymphocyte to transform to lymphoblasoid cell, and to relieve the enlargement of original immuneraction; to stop immune complex to pass through the basement membrane and reduce the concentration of complement components and immune globulins.
It is easily absorbed from digestive tract. T1/2 of the plasma and the tissue are respectively 190 minutes and 3 days. The combining rate of the plasma proteins is lower than other hormone drugs.
[Indications, Dosage]
Use in hypersusceptible and self-immune inflammatory malady. For example, connective tissue disease, serious bronchial asthma, dermatitis, ulcerous colonitis, acute leukaemia, and malignant lymphoma etc.
[Dosage & Administration]
Oral for adult, the initial dosage is 1~4 tablets(0.75~3.00mg) once, two~four times per day. The maintenance dosage is 1 tablet (0.75mg) per day depending on the symptoms of the disease.
Large dose can cause diabetes, ulcer of digestive tract and para Chshing’s syndrome, and strongly inhibit hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical axis. The complicated infections are the main adverse reaction.
It is inadvisable to use for patients who have H.B.P, thrombi, gastric and duodenal ulcers, psychosis, the pathobolism of electrolyte, heart infarction, operation of viscera, glaucoma etc.; and it is prohibitive to use for patients who have a history allergy to Dexamethasone acetate tablets and other hormone drugs, and infected by fungi and virus.
1.Appropriate anti-infection therapy should be given those patients who have tuberculosis, acute bacterial or virual infections.
2.Dosage should be reduced little by little until to be stopped, after a long-term usage of the drug.
3.It must be carefully used by patients who have diabetes, osteoprosis, heptic cirrhosis, renal insufficiency and bad thyroid function.
[Use in pregnancy and lactation]
Pregnant women taking the drug can depress the placental function, reduce new baby’s weight and increase the rate of dead fetus. Some animal studies have shown that the drug can cause teratogenesis. So give more considerations when using the drug in pregnant women. If a nursing mother is administered to high doses, she won’t provide breast-feeding, because hormone excreted in human breast milk will inhibit the growth of infants and adrenal functions.
[Use in children]
As cortin having antiblastic side effect on children, it should be very cautiously used by children. If it is truly necessary for a long-term use, it is supposed to use shot term or medium term preparation, and avoiding use long term dexamethasone preparation. Pay attention to changes of encephalic compressive stress.
[Use in elder sufferers]
Easily cause hypertension and osteoporosis for the elders, especially for female after menopause.
[Interaction with other drugs, other forms of interactions]
1.Combination with barbiturates, phenytoin and rifrinmactane, the metabolism of the drug will be reduced.
2.Combination with sallicylis acid drugs, the drug’s toxicity will be increased.
3.The drug can decrease the effect of anti-coagulant and oral anti-diabetic drugs, so adjust its dosage.
4.The drug can cause hypokalemia when combining with diuretic (except the keeping potassium one), so its dosage should be given carefully.
[Shelf life]
36 months
Protect from light, store in a closed container.
Polyethylene bottle, 100 tablets/ bottle
[Approval No.]