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Nonoxinol Pellicles

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Indication: short acting contraceptive drug in female
Usage volume: Vaginal administration. Fold the pellicles in half for twice or knead a loose mass......
Product specifications: Each pellicle contains Nonoxinol 50mg.

Product introduction

Generic Name: Nonoxinol Pellicles
Composition: Each pellicle contains Nonoxinol 50mg. Excipient: Polyvinyl Alcohol Resin, Ethylparahen, Glycerol, Liquid Paraffin, and Purified Water
Description: a white to slight yellowish and semitransparent pellicle, freely soluble in water.
Category: Nonoxinol Pellicles is OTC of contraceptive drug
Indications: short acting contraceptive drug in female
Specification: Each pellicle contains Nonoxinol 50mg.
Dosage and Administration: Vaginal administration. Fold the pellicles in half for twice or knead a loose mass, and then put it into the deep vagina by index finger (or middle finger) with finger guard. Wait 10 minutes after insertion before having sexual intercourse to assure birth control protection. The maximum dosage is not more than 2 pellicles each time.
Adverse Reactions:
(1) The allergic reaction can occur on occasion. Severe stimulative symptom could occur in the female vulva and vagina even in the male penis, such as topical itching and pain.
(2) A few patients could suffer from slight topical stimulative symptom and increasing the vaginal secretion.
Contraindications: The patients who suffer from genital cancer and irregular vagina bleeding should be contraindicated.
(1) The product should be used correctly; for the person who firstly used it should be by pharmacist's directions.
(2) The product should be put into the deep vagina, otherwise contraception fail.
(3) Wait 10 minutes after insertion before having sexual intercourse; Use a new pellicle if sexual intercourse has not taken place within 30 minutes after insertion, or each time intercourse is repeated.
(4) Wait at least 6 hours after the last sexual intercourse before removing the pellicles.
(5) The product only can be administrated by vagina and not by oral.
(6) Wash your hands with soap and water or should be with finger guard before using this medicine.
(7) Patients of hypersensitivity to this drug should be contraindicated; patient who allergies to medicines, foods or other substances should be used with caution.
(8) If the character of product is changed, the product should be contraindicated.
(9) Keep out of the reach of children.
(10) If combining with other drugs please inform the doctor.
Interactions: If combining with other drugs please discuss with your doctor.
Pharmacological Actions: Nonoxinol Pellicles is a kind of nonionic surfactant. It can kill the sperms or inhibit the sperms moving by reducing surface tension of sperm membrane lipid and changing sperm osmotic pressure. So the sperms can not pass though the cervix, and ovum is unable to fertilize.
Storage: Preserved in tightly closed container, stored in a cool place below 20℃.
Package: Nonoxinol Pellicles is supplied in an Aluminum foil bag, 10pellicles/bag, each pellicles should be separated with paper; 1 pellicles/bag, 2 bag/box; 1 pellicles/bag, 10 bag/box
Expired date: 24 months
Registration number: Guo-Yao-Zhun-Zi H10910073