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Mojia Qingning Wan

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Indication: To clear stomach and intestine,purge heat and relax bowels......
Usage volume: oral use, the average daily dose is 1 bottle (6g) 1 time daily.
Product specifications: 6g /bottle

Product introduction

Name of Drug Product: Mojia  Qingning Wan
Description: dark brown water honey pill, taste, bitter.
Indication :To clear stomach and intestine,purge heat and relax bowels.Retention of undigested food , distended abdomen and rib , dizziness, tinnitus,dry mouth and tongue,sore throat,swollen blood shot eyes with pain,swollen painful teeth,constipation,deep coloured urine.
Specification: 6g /bottle
Dosage and Administration: oral use, the average daily dose is 1 bottle (6g) 1 time daily.
Contraindications: the product is contraindicated in pregnant women.
1 avoid raw and cold food, pungent and spice food and greasy food
2 If the symptoms do not improve, if they become worse or if new symptoms appear, check with your doctor.
3 lactation women should be used with caution.
4 Do not use on the children or the elderly patients unless directed by a doctor.
5 Patient of hypersensitivity to this drug should be contraindicated; patient who allergies to medicines, foods or other substances should be used with caution.
6 If the character of product is changed, the product should be contraindicated.
7 Children using the product must be ward by the adult.
8 Keep out of the reach of children.
9 If combining with other drugs please inform the doctor.
Interactions: if combining with other drugs please discuss with your doctor.
Adverse Reactions: unknown
Storage: Preserve in tightly seal containers, prevent moisture.
Package: polyethylene bottle; 6g/bottle; 3 bottles/box
Expired date: 36 months
Registration number :Guo-Yao-Zhun-Zi Z12020394