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Urea Cream

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Indication: It is used for the treatment of rhagadia manus and pedalis. It also can be used to treat the chaps caused by keratotic tinea hand or pedis. 
Usage volume: It is externally applied to the local area for 2-3 times daily.
Product specifications: 10%(10g:1g)

Product introduction

Generic Name: Urea Cream
Composition: Every tube (10g) of Urea Cream contains Urea 1g.
Excipient: Glyceryl monostearate, Stearic acid, White vaseline, Glycerol, Ethylparaben, Purified water.
Description: A white cream.
Indications: It is used for the treatment of rhagadia manus and pedalis. It also can be used to treat the chaps caused by keratotic tinea hand or pedis.
Specification: 10%(10g:1g)
Dosage and Administration: It is externally applied to the local area for 2-3 times daily.
Adverse Reactions: The skin irritation and allergic reaction can occur on occasion.
Contraindications: Unknown.
(1) Avoid contacting with eye and other mucous membrane.
(2) Patient who has the symptom of skin allergy and irritation should suspend immediately and clean the cream during the period of using the product, if necessary, consult with the doctor.
(3) Please tightly close the cap of tube after using the product.
(4) Patients of hypersensitivity to this drug should be contraindicated; patient who allergies to medicines, foods or other substances should be used with caution.
(5) If the character of product is changed, the product should be contraindicated.
(6) Keep out of the reach of children.
(7) Children using the product must be ward by the adult.
(8) If combining with other drugs please inform the doctor.
Interactions: If combining with other drugs please discuss with your doctor.
Pharmacological Actions: Urea cream could dissolve and denature the keratoprotein. It also can increase the moisture of keratoderma. So the skin turns soft and the rhagadia could be prevented after using the product.
Storage: Preserved in tightly closed container, stored in a cool place below 20℃ and protected from light.
Package: Urea Cream is supplied in an aluminum tube containing 10g cream, 1tube/box;
Expired date: 24 months
Registration number: Guo-Yao-Zhun-Zi H12020641