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Indication: It is used for the treatment of 
impetigo herpetifomis and other 
suppurative skin disease, small 
area burn,ulcer infection and Acne 
Usage volume: It is externally applied to the affected area for 2 times daily.
Product specifications: 10g /tube

Product introduction

Composition: every tube (10g) of ERYTHROMYCIN OINTMENT contains ERYTHROMYCIN 0.1g(10000 u). Excipient: Yellow Vaseline, Liquid Paraffin
Description: a white to yellow ointment.
Indications: It is used for the treatment of impetigo herpetifomis and other suppurative skin disease, small area burn, ulcer infection and Acne Vulgaris.
Specification: 10g /tube
Dosage and Administration: It is externally applied to the affected area for 2 times daily.
Adverse Reactions: minority of patients have allergic reaction or skin irritation.
Contraindications: ambiguity.
1. Only external use, avoid to contacting with eye and mucous membrane (such as mouth, nose and etc.).
2.Patient who has the symptom of skin allergy and irritation should suspend immediately and clean the ointment during the period of using the product.
3. Do not use on pregnant and lactation women unless directed by a doctor.
4. Patient of hypersensitivity to this drug should be contraindicated; patient who allergies to medicines, foods or other substances should be used with caution.
5. The medicines are forbidden while its properties are changing.
6. Keep out of the reach of children.
7. Children using the product must be ward by the adult.
8. If combining with other drugs, please consult with the doctor or pharmacist.
Interactions: Avoid combining with Chloramphenicol and Lincomycin; if combining with other drugs, please discuss with your doctor.
Pharmacological Actions: the product is macrolides antibiotics. It is useful in the treatment of infections from Gram-positive microorganisms, part of Gram-negative  microorganisms and Atypical pathogen,there included the Chlamydia, Mycoplasma.
Storage: Preserve in closed containers, store below 20°C
Package: ERYTHROMYCIN OINTMENT is supplied in a tube containing 10g ointment.
Expired date:60 months
Approval Certification Number :Guo-Yao-Zhun-Zi -H12020640